Want To Be Successful? This Is What You Do.

This morning, I'm speaking in front of a packed crowd at the Wilton Library on LinkedIn.

Candidly, I'm not a true 'authority' on LinkedIn, but it does help my business, and I'm presenting to business owners about how they can leverage it too.

So you want to be successful? Want to make mid-to-high six figures a year? Learn how to speak in front of people. And get good at it. It takes practice — but once you have the correct formula of presence, information, and broadway — it works.

I'm not saying that speaking is the end-all of business, it's a tool to be used to help grow your business. The more people that you are in front of and can experience your service, the more that they actually sell themselves.

Why? Speakers are at the apex of communication. Of course we have writers and actors. We also have social media. But public speaking is one of the most powerful forms of communication today. Why?

  • You instantly become an authority. People still respect professionals who speak and take the information they provide at face value. Try doing that in any other medium.
  • You are a billboard for you and your company. Standing up and speaking on a topic commands respect — for you and your product. It's free advertising that actually works.
  • You move people with your words. You touch their heartstrings. I've had people come up to me after a keynote or workshop and hug me. You don't get that from a Tweet.
  • You get true two-way communication. Attendees can meet and touch you. They can ask questions and have your personalize your response to their situation. That's special today.
  • You can guide them to other products you offer. Since they have already bought into you, they are usually very interested in extending the experience by purchasing more of your services. Your here to make MONEY.

So if you want to be truly successful — learn, practice and perfect your speaking style. Today.