Understand WHO You Really Work With.

"To succeed in business, you need to know WHO you work with." Sounds pretty simple and straightforward — but the reality is most people don't subscribe to this tenet.

They spend their time worrying about themselves. And their past failures — their future deliverables. And all the people and things which will impede their progress and set them back.

Worry. Worry. Worry.

It's time you step back and begin to clearly understand WHO you work with.

If you work in corporate, WHO really are your colleagues? Who's your boss? What drives them? What excites them? How can you help them get more excited? How can you be the perfect puzzle piece that fits their puzzle piece?

If you own your own business, WHO are your customers? Who drives prospects to your business? Who's on your team? Again, be the perfect puzzle piece.

The big question is HOW. It comes down to three things:

  1. Understand what their main driving force is. What is important to them — what is THE burning issue that keeps them up at night? Ask them questions and LISTEN.
  2. Develop a clear communication channel to work with them. Dechipher the best way to interact with them and how best they absorb information. Then consistently deliver information in that manner.
  3. Engage to compliment their actions. See how you can help them deal with their burning issues. They're not looking for quick solutions, they're looking for partners — someone to just LISTEN to them.

What other ways do you employ to understand WHO you work with?