Top 5 Ways Business Owners Underperform.

All business owners underperform to one degree or another. The question — Is your underperformance is affecting your business success to a great or minimal degree?

Are your 'bad' behaviors making you miss out on a few percentage points per year or 10-20-40% per year?

Or in another way — a few hundred dollars or a few hundred thousand dollars?

When I start with a business owner, I usually diagnose one or more of these mistakes:

1. They don't have a 2017 business plan.

Not a 100 page business plan, a one-page business plan. What do you want to make for the year? How many clients do you want to see? How much will you charge? How will you package/promote/segment your offerings?

2. They don't run their business based on a schedule/calendar.

WHEN is a major part of every business. When are you going to do things - when are you going to get them accomplished? When are you going to launch new products/services? When can you reach out to new audiences?

3. They don't get out of their office.

To be successful, you need to get out of your office EVERY DAY. Put on your uniform, get out, and meet people. People are your currency — they can either be your customers or connect you to MANY customers. But only if you get out of your chair, take off those sweats, and get out into the sunshine.

4. They don't have a realistic idea of hard work.

To make a lot of money, you're going to have to WORK HARD. There are many charlatans and con-men out there who promise six- and seven-figure incomes for only a few hours of work at your home computer. Or they tell you about this great multi-level marketing business (and they always say "It's not a pyramid scheme!") where you will become a millionaire overnight. If you meet and interview any highly successful business owner, they will tell you they put in 60-80 (and even more) hours per week to hit that goal.

5. They are not willing to spend money.

To make money, you have to spend money. To have a successful business - you have to invest in your business. So many people try to run their business on a shoestring and spend the least amount of money on the services they need. If you need a great website - spend the money to make it happen. If you need better social media or SEO, don't hire a college intern, hire the best. If you have limiting beliefs about your abilities or keep running into obstacles, you need a certified coach.

Look at your performance in 2016. If you feel you're underperforming, you need ME

P.S. I have to thank Hans Hanson for this great idea! He’s THE MAN!