The Real Reason Why People Aren't Getting Hired.

I'm angry. VERY ANGRY. But I'll try to maintain my composure during this post. Over the past month, I've coached a number of clients and have presented to an even larger number of out-of-work executives. They have all been out of work now for 6-12 months and have little-or-no direction moving forward. When I keynote my workshop or coach them one-on-one:

  1. I help them target exact companies that they want to work for.
  2. I show them a strategy how to reach out and touch decision-makers.
  3. I follow up with them on how they are progressing.
  4. WASH - RINSE - REPEAT. It's that easy.

And guess what? Many of my clients immediately get interviews and some get offers (like this morning!).

But there is another group of clients. They've done NOTHING. No phone calls, no meetings, no real opportunities.

All they do all day is send out a few emails, check the job boards, tighten up their resume. That's it.

Here's a dose of REALITY folks: If I haven't said it enough — YOU NEED TO GET OUT AND MEET PEOPLE.

  • If you are searching for a job in your sweats, YOU ARE NOT LOOKING FOR A JOB.
  • If you are not getting out DAILY and meeting key movers and shakers, YOU ARE NOT LOOKING FOR A JOB.
  • If you spend your day surfing on the web, sending emails to a few friends, and watching TV all day, YOU ARE NOT LOOKING FOR A JOB.
  • If you are landscaping your yard, shopping for groceries, driving the kids to and from school, YOU ARE NOT LOOKING FOR A JOB.


I honestly think that many of these people have worked so long in one company or one vocation, they've "COCOONED" themselves into a mental corner that they are unable to get out of. Even when they are given a map and shown the way out — they still stay in the corner waiting for someone to come along and give them a job.

Here's the TRUE REALITY: That's never gonna happen folks.

Get 'real' with your situation. If you've been unemployed for more than 3 months without a viable interview or job offer, something isn't working. You need to change your strategy. Unfortunately, for many people out their, many of their obstacles are in their head.

Sorry about the vitriol today — but sometimes people just need a good kick in the butt to see reality.

Image provided by Family O'Abé at Flickr.