iPhone "Blowback".

iphone noWhy does everyone hate the iPhone all of a sudden? I have some ideas why:

  1. The iPhone CHANGED THE GAME. People don't carry their laptops as much as they used to. It also forced all the other companies to get their butt in gear to compete. Think about it — most smartphones before the iPhone sucked.
  2. The iPhone is HUGE. I go to airports and see EVERYONE using the iPhone for movies, music, business, calls, etc.
  3. The Google Droid is coming out. Congratulations! I am so happy there is a valued contender to the iPhone. The winner will be the consumer when competition rears its ugly head.
  4. It's the natural course of media popularity. For 2+ years, the iPhone has been the darling of all things media. Now it is time for them to drive it into the ground. Makes a good story and people buy papers/watch the news. Media today is not just fickle, it's sometimes FALSE.
  5. The Tech World has always hated the iPhone. First, they picked at it because it wasn't based on Windows or Linux (techie's faves). Then they attacked it because it is a closed system and they welcome the Droid because it is an open system. Just wait - when viruses and hidden apps begin to profulgate on these open systems, they will relish in the motherload of security apps for viruses. How would you love to have Symantec/McAfee virus checker on your PHONE?

In the end, there are a lot of players with lots of hidden agendas out there. My experience? Don't ever go by what they are saying. Ask a user or play with the technology yourself — that's the best way to make an informed decision.