"If You Have Fear, You Will Fall."

If you know me, I'm constantly out in the electronic zeitgeist learning new things and meeting new people. This morning, I came upon Human Planet, an incredible BBC documentary on a man called Tete (who makes Chuck Norris look like a schoolgirl). He climbs a very tall tree (120-150 feet in the air) with just a vine and his willpower.

Why? To break into a bee hive to get honey for his family. By the way, he probably gets stung scores of times during the process.

There's one line he mentions about getting the willpower to climb the tree, "If you have fear, you will fall." Tete is truly a man without fear.

How many times in your career are you faced with a fear? I suggest we be more like Tete and focus on the problem at hand. Then you won't fall.