How To Lose Your Fear.

Once in awhile, I bump into something that is so simple, yet effective, I just need to talk about it. Rejection Therapy might be your answer. It's a card game. Yes . . . a card game.

Players challenge themselves to make an offer or request of another person every day for thirty days straight. And get rejected. Players only get points when they get rejected. The point of the game is to overcome one’s fear of rejection by being constantly exposed to it. It desensitizes them. Rejection is usually looked at as a failure, but the game recasts it as success.

It helps everyone who plays it, but if you want to make yourself rich, it’s essential because it develops the character traits that all entrepreneurs need — self confidence, resilience and the ability to network. It can give you the skills to make yourself rich.

Rejection Therapy players test their courage daily by making offers or requests until they get turned down, but getting that rejection can be harder than they think. One user went to a nightclub and couldn’t get anyone to refuse to let her take their picture. Even after upping the ante and asking to get in the picture with them, wearing their jewelry, she couldn’t get a rejection. People were much more accommodating than she expected.

This experience is fairly typical. Players learn that the world is a friendlier place than they thought, and that builds confidence. Rejection Therapy creator Jason Comely summed it up like this, “I realized people were a lot more willing to give me what I asked for than I thought. My comfort zone was like a cage keeping me from exploring a lot of opportunities.”

There are 36 cards — enough for one full game. They will help you do the things you know you need to do to grow your business and give you new ideas as well. If you steel yourself to play and your business doesn’t strongly improve, you’ll know there’s something fundamentally wrong with your business — an important thing to find out in only thirty days.

To learn more and purchase Rejection Therapy, click here. To visit their Facebook Group, click here. It's a closed group, but admittance is immediate, so you can begin playing immediately. This post was edited from a previous post by Chris Hugh on his blog. Chris is a Silicon Valley lawyer, author, crafter and amateur photographer. Visit Chris here. Thank you Chris!