How To 'Cultivate' New Clients.

Everyone needs new business to survive and thrive. The natural order of most businesses: Clients leave. They defect. They go out of business. They suddenly have no money.  This is normal.

But you need to keep your sales funnel full of possible prospects that slowly turn into converted clients.

You need to be Johnny Appleseed. Johnny (John Chapman) roamed throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois around the turn of the 19th century and introduced apples (and conservation) to everyone he met.

What did Johnny really do? He planted seeds which grew into healthy apple trees. But let's be honest — some seeds never germinated. Some did, but the trees then died off. Other trees never bore fruit.

But that didn't stop Johnny. He kept planting seeds everywhere he went.

You need to do this too.

Most people want clients immediately. That's fine — I like their drive. But it's unrealistic (and sometimes de-motivating) to think clients are going to flock to you.

You need to constantly cultivate clients. What does this mean?

  • Get out there and meet people (just like yesterday's video).
  • Talk to them, ask them about their business.
  • See if you can help them without pushing your products and services.
  • Follow up with them regularly. Send them info on topics they are interested in.
  • Introduce them to key people that will help them move forward.
  • Let them know about what you do.
  • Ask them for assistance in connecting you to interested parties.
  • Give them something for free — a free trial, a test drive.
  • Leave behind your card, a small brochure, an invite to your blog/seminar.

I promise you — they will bite the apple and ultimately become clients. Trust me.

Johnny knew what he was doing — it was a matter of time when the trees started to bear fruit.

The more you seed out there in the 'wilderness', the more opportunities will germinate, grow, and bear fruit.

How long does your 'seed to tree to fruit' sales process take?