How To Close Your Year With A Bang (and have fun too).

Here's how to make the last two months of 2011 accelerate to the finish line. But the last two months of the year are littered with holidays, the beginning of bad weather and procrastination. You can still pull out some key working strategies to make both months powerful winners for 2011.

You need to break your time down and devise a plan for each week, each day. Copy and Paste into Word/Pages and then Print this out to list what you can get done each day. So here goes:


Week1: 1st-4th: You're down one day this week: Halloween. Planning week for the next two weeks. Strategize what needs to happen, who you need to see and what results you expect for Weeks 2 & 3.

Week2: 7th-11th - Friday: Full week - Take Action - Hustle. Hit the ground running - make things happen.

Week3: 14th-18th: Full week - Take Action - Hustle. This is the key week - keep the momentum going.

Week4: 21st-25th: Thanksgiving week. Most people are powering down - reach out to key clients and managers to thank them for making your 2011 a powerful one. Use cards (handwritten) or phone calls.

Week5: 28th-30th: Three days. Come back from your Thanksgiving time with a bang. Review what you accomplished in November and begin planning for December.


Week1: 1st-2nd: Two days. Still planning - ensure you have a solid action plan for the next two weeks.

Week2: 5th-9th: Full week - Take Action - Hustle.

Week3: 12th-16th: Full week - Take Action - Hustle. People usually start powering down - get a feel for what is happening and keep the momentum going.

Week4: 19th-23rd: This week is shot: Christmas. Take it easy - enjoy this time with your colleagues, team and family. Build deeper and stronger relationships. Take your best client out for an expensive lunch.

Week5: 26th-30th: This is your key planning week: No one is there. Work. Time to look at 2012. Make broad stroke planning goals and activities. If your boss is in, have a meeting and discuss what has to happen next. If you own your business, this is the week to lay the groundwork for a powerful 'start out of the gate' for 2012.

I've run every NOV/DEC like this for the past 10 years and guess what? I surpass my numbers every time. Plan - Hustle - Enjoy — it's the only way to sanely get through the holidays.


P.S. How do you like this schedule? Is it practical? Let's talk. I've worked with a number of clients — and we developed a successful plan to grow tackle the last two months. If you’re not a client . . . pick up the phone and call me — I offer only one complimentary session each week.