How To Be Bold In Life.

At the top of my site is a simple phrase — "Be Bold In Life". I've used it to describe my coaching for the past eleven years. It's one thing to understand the term "be bold in life" and another to actually do it.

I found out the secret many years ago when I worked in corporate. It's simple, concise and you've probably heard it before:

"Ask for forgiveness, not permission."

I'm not asking you to be inconsiderate. Or obnoxious. Or uncaring. But if you have a choice to take action or ask someone's opinion on taking action . . . TAKE ACTION. Think it through and then ACT.

In business, people who are asked for their opinion tend to give it. And if you ask them if the sky is blue, they tend to disagree with you and say it's pink with white streaks. It's human nature. And unfortunately, it slows you down.

Too many times, we look to others for their permission — and in so doing, we are relinquishing our power and importance to another person. Keep the power, the idea, and the responsibility with you and ACT.

You might be afraid of making a mistake or causing a huge issue. I'm not going to say it doesn't happen. Most of the time though, people understand if your heart was in the right place and you were doing something good for the company. They get it. You might get a slap on the hand (and I've received many of those).

I've even received reprimands for my actions. But in the end, my boss understood why I took action and ultimately, it helped me move my career forward.

And that's the real reason why we do it. Be Bold In Life. Take Chances. Ask for forgiveness, not permission.