150 To 5,384 Visitors In One Week — OMG!

What a week! As you can see from above, a single post really hit a chord with my readers and invited in a whole slew of new visitors.

Maybe it was the title: "Top Five Regrets of the Dying". Something resonated with an exponential increase in friends who are interested in this topic.

When I usually check my analytics, I get a wide variety of readers from all over the U.S. and the world every day. Based on the comments I received on my site, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+, many people appreciated the recommendation and each of the 'regrets'.

As a coach, I'm constantly looking for engagement with my clients and readers.

What did you really like about the article?

What do you want me talking about?

What topics would you like to see?

Thanks ahead of time for your comments and insight!

P.S. I've continued my series with "Top Five Regrets of the Unemployed" and on Monday you'll see "Top Five Regrets of Struggling Businesses". Enjoy!