Career Coaching

Something isn’t working with your job search. You need a professional.


Finding A New Position Has Never Been Harder.

We all thought technology would accelerate and make the process more efficient. We were wrong.

Welcome to the new world of job searching:

  • You're applying online with hundreds of other applicants - where you're highly qualified, but get lost in the pile.

  • Recruiters are no longer your advocate - they are harsher, more demanding, and care only about the company - not you.

  • Networking is harder - people are not willing to help you and job search events are just darn depressing.

But there is a way to succeed. It's not going to be a cakewalk, but it will challenge your abilities and perseverance.

How We Work Together:

Rich has been helping people with their job search for 15+ years, so he employs realistic and proven approaches to help people find the right position quickly.

The best approach is to provide a blended model of a face-to-face kickoff meeting with phone instruction and accountability. Many of the areas we will cover:

  • Your SWOT Analysis - Strengths, Weaknesses, etc.

  • Get That Job! Foundation - The Four Steps

  • Who Do You Love? - What Companies Do You Love?

  • Reaching Decision Makers - Targeting The Best

  • Keeping It Simple - Résumés That Shine

  • Cover Letters - Get Your Message Across

  • Promote Yourself - Marketing Page Basics

  • The Most Important Page - LinkedIn Page Basics

  • Grow Your Fans - Educate Your Advocates

  • Getting Out There - Connecting & Networking

  • Keeping It All Organized - Tracking Leads

  • Work With HR & Recruiters - I know, it stinks

  • Projecting Your Personality - Phone Interviews

  • The Main Event - In-Person Interviews

  • Cross The Finish Line - Nail The Offer

  • It’s The Money - Salary Negotiation Strategies

  • Onboarding - Your First Days/Weeks On The Job

Career Coaching Tools:

How Does It Work?

1. One-On-One Live Kickoff
Each client engagement includes live strategy meetings to kickoff the coaching and agree on a plan of attack (Virtual or In-Person at my office).

2. Live Coaching Sessions
It’s easy to get sidetracked, frustrated, and prone to procrastination. Weekly phone coaching sessions deliver continued success.

3. Accountability Lifelines
No other coach offers this service - you get to text, email, or call Rich in-between sessions. Helps when you hit a roadblock, need to ask a question, or review an important document.

4. Interview Success Toolkit
Every client will receive key tools to help them accelerate their search. Such as: Contact Tracking, Form Inquiry Letters, Critical Questions To Ask, Best Answers To Key Questions, Body Language Basics, etc.

5. Motivational Articles & Podcasts
Rich regularly publishes articles and podcasts focusing on professional growth.

6. Résumé & LinkedIn Development
Rich will help you hone and deliver a powerful résumé and LinkedIn profile that gets their attention!

As a small but hopefully meaningful gift to you, I want to take a moment to let you know how much I valued your input when we worked together during the fourth quarter of 2008. You have a great approach for helping individuals rise above the daily challenges and frustrations especially during a career transition, which is always fraught with a degree of fear, uncertainty and doubt in order to focus on what’s important in order to move forward. I especially liked the Plan/Act/Succeed tool which offers a great roadmap both for personal and professional achievement.
— Kate Mitchell Pallandre, CEO
My experience working with Rich was phenomenal! First, Rich is one of the most positive and upbeat influences you’ll have in your life while working with him. He’s absolutely and relentlessly about using positive motivational techniques and for me, that was important.
But equally important, he comes to each meeting prepared with ideas and topics to keep you focused on your own agenda and propel you forward. I found him to be able to push me when he needed to without being confrontational and pull me forward when he needed to by being motivational and setting short/long term goals to achieve.
He’s terrific at relating real world examples and ideas to your own situation and I found him to be incredibly creative with bringing ideas or new paths that I’d not thought of myself. He’s got a fantastic grasp of what motivates and focuses people across multiple personalities, stages of career and business models. I loved my time with Rich and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or to work with him directly again in the future.
— Jill Maier, President, Mela Artisans

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