Do You Need An "Executive-Level" Health Program?

doctorHow well are you? How well will you be on the job? One overlooked benefit that many companies forget (yeah right) to offer is an executive health program for their top people. What is an executive health program? Well, one offered by The Mayo Clinic states:

The Mayo Clinic's Executive Health Program has combined medical expertise with efficiency to meet the needs of busy executives. The program offers a comprehensive examination with access to the full resources of Mayo's medical, surgical and laboratory facilities in a convenient one- to two-day period. (More days may be required if the executive requires additional subspecialty tests or examinations.)

A company's top executives must be healthy to be effective. An executive health program offers an efficient, cost-effective way to maximize a leader's health and reduce the chance of long-term leave related to disability, illness or health concerns. You usually meet with a battery of physicians who specialize in all areas of the human body.

Once they complete their analysis, the team meets together to discuss your overall health condition. They report, debate and diagnose any issues — at the end, your main physician provides a complete analysis for you with any treatments required.

Not surprisingly, many patients have been diagnosed with a previously unreported condition following a typical executive health exam.

These programs blend traditional diagnostic expertise with the latest in preventive medicine. Your evaluation is individualized according to your personal health needs and is strictly confidential. One physician, a specialist in internal and preventive medicine, will coordinate your care. Program centers are usually distributed across the nation for easy access.

Bottom line, these specialists have significant experience in interpreting test results and consulting with busy executives to ensure a thorough, comprehensive and efficient examination.