The #1 Way To Communicate With Your Prospects.

Talk to them through a video. But . . . it's a lot harder and more complicated than it looks.

You need to keep it simple, straightforward, and powerful — to allow potential clients to experience YOU. To hear you, to see you, to understand exactly how your products and services will help them.

Today, videos are ubiquitous — everyone is doing them. I feel there are two stages of video production out there:

DIY - Do It Yourself - You and your cam on your laptop, phone, small video or Flip camera. It's quick, easy, and inexpensive to produce. The quality is okay (and I'm stretching that phrase) but with the advent of YouTube, on the spot cameras, and smart phones, people are totally okay with the result.

Gary Vaynerchuk uses this model and he's made millions doing it. So make it happen!

High-End Production - You're in a studio, with a director, photographers, make-up, lights, sound people, background, clapboard slate, multiple cameras, constant lens changing . . . you get my drift.

Of course there's super high-end with a cast of thousands, but I won't go there.

Over the next few weeks, I will be working with my director to edit down the hours of film shot to a 30-60 second video. Now the real work begins. And I know there will be an outtake spot too . . . so stay tuned.

Many thanks to Lauren Clark, Makeup (, Dave Woolery, Sound ( and Rich Freeda, Photography ( If you are shooting video, these are the people to call!

And special thanks goes to the director and principal photographer, Phil Nelson ( - he is the master at what he does, whether it is landscape photography, headshots, or video.

He even makes me look good!

Oh yes, and here's the coolest thing I encountered during the shoot - I have to get one!