Take A Vacation From Your Problems.

whataboutbobThe great psychologist Dr. Leo Marvin gave his patient Bob Wiley some sage advice (on a prescription pad) in the movie: What About Bob — "Take a vacation from your problems, Bob." You should too. With the economy, unemployment, increased work pressures, etc., it's hard to focus - it's hard to relax - it's hard to think and act strategically.

In times like these, we tend to think short-term and tactically. Not long-term and strategically.

In times like these, companies don't have a real handle on what's going on - so all the 'balls' are in the air right now. The smart executives are the ones who reach out and catch those balls, not hide under their cubicle desk until things get better.

In times like these, smart executives reach out to key companies and talk to influential movers within that company. They make their future — they engage their peers in the industry — and get that new job or position. I call it 'golfing without clubs'.

But most executives don't do that. They get a 'bad economy' inferiority complex. They feel that they aren't worthy.

Unemployed executives feel less empowered. Why? They are no different than executives who have jobs. They just have more time.

Employed executives are running scared. They are afraid if they stand out and do anything, they will be next on the chopping block.

Well I say - take a vacation from the bad economy. Take a vacation from unemployment. Change your mindset — click that switch that says that you're unemployed and start acting like you have a job. Go out and make appointments with key executives in companies just to talk about the industry. Don't ask for a job - you are there to have a conversation — to connect — to make a new friend. Try to figure out what you can do for THEM.

If you are employed, do the same thing. Start having lunch with key executives inside (and outside) your company. Have a conversation — connect — make a new friend.

You'll find that you will surf these rough seas and come out on top. If you're unemployed, you'll get that dream job. If you are employed, you'll expand your connections and open up areas you never even knew existed. Trust me — it works.