Start Living Like The Main Character In Your Life Story.

My wife and I were at a party this weekend and we met a lot of interesting people. Most of the guests were doing well and making lots of personal and business connections. I say most.

There were a few who stood out during the evening with their attitude towards business, life, politics, the market, whatever. They were downers to say the least — they were pessimistic, short-sighted, and downright uncomfortable to be around.

Years ago, a good friend pulled me over when I was acting like a downer during a party and said, "No one, let me repeat, NO ONE cares or wants to hear your pessimistic rants. Start acting more positive in your life — take the bull by the horns — and you will begin living the life you've always wanted."

POW — right between the eyes. Today, I say this to myself everyday: "Start Living Like The Main Character In Your Life Story". Why? Because I'm an avid reader, I believe we all have a wonderful story in our lives and we either embrace and expand the narrative or we shun and quell our story.

We see this often with retired people. They complain about their lives, their ailments, and anything else they can think about. Do you like hanging around people like that? Now remember back and envision the one elderly person who taught you something or made a major impact in your life — were they complaining all the time? Or did they engage you, ask you questions, and energize you?

Which one will you today? And tomorrow? And every day?


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Watch this video/commercial — it brings home my idea of becoming YOUR main character: