Reorganize Yourself.

messy officeOkay — Thanksgiving is over and you probably are lucky enough to have the day off. Take part of today and devote two hours to reorganizing yourself. Take a fresh look at how you are organized and look for opportunities to improve. You will probably discover several areas where you can eliminate some personal time wasters simply by becoming a little better organized. 1. Throw things away! Yes, even those ticket stubs from your last concert. Ask yourself, "What is the worst thing that could happen if I throw this away?" Most of the time, you can live with your answer, so start filling that wastebasket!

2. If you get heartburn from throwing stuff away, create a "bin of last resort" under your desk. I usually use a Rubbermaid bin to collect the pile. When it fills up, I take the bottom third of the pile and throw it away since I haven't touched any of the papers in 3-6 months. In addition, if you toss something important in there, it's easy to find, because it's in there chronologically.

Happy Tossing!