What Is The One Simple Change That Made Your Life Better?

I did some research on the web and then asked a number of colleagues, past and present clients about what they changed to make their life better. Not surprisingly, this list delivers many simple changes one can easily do.

This is what I came up with:

I stopped watching the news. It is all over-hyped drivel designed to keep you afraid. It's not good for you.

I stopped worrying about what other people thought. It's like I've been set free from a mental prison. I realized that not having the approval of others had zero affect on my life. 

I quit smoking. I stopped slinking around and feeling like a pariah.

I ride my bike to work. It's such an improvement in so many ways. I'm healthier, look better and I arrive in a much better mood. All that and I'm saving lots of money.

I put a hook beside the front door and ALWAYS put my keys on the hook. This small thing has made my life simpler and better.

I started taking myself more seriously. I've found out how good it feels to pursue my goals despite anyone else's opinions.

I stopped spending so much time around toxic, needlessly negative people. I have a fresh, new outlook on life!

I try to be mindful throughout the day, especially if I become frustrated. The conflict of an unnecessary desire is usually to blame. I try to recognize these instances and correct my perception to appreciate what is right here now at the moment.

I do yoga. I'm becoming fitter and more mindful. I am palpably more stressed in the weeks I didn't make it to yoga.

I only drink plain water with meals. My life really is better (not to mention my skin, GI, overall health.) So simple, but a big difference.

I make my bed every morning. Makes my room tidier and therefore I don't feel so stressed in the mornings. Also stops me from going back to bed.

I cut my Facebook use by 95%. I check it monthly to catch up on what my friends are doing AND I've cut out all the narcissistic people who focus all of their posts on themselves.

I made a conscious decision to never again buy, pick up or flip through another beauty magazine again. Made me feel 10x better about life and myself and relationships.

I take the stairs at work. Floor 2 to floor 10. It is quiet. I let my mind wander. A few times a week I hear somebody complaining about the elevator. They don't know what they are missing.

I started being myself. Exactly 100% do what I want when I want. I stopped trying to change to make a certain woman like me. I did this two years ago. Met my fiancee 18 months ago and I know that she loves me completely for me and I love her for her.

I leave ten minutes earlier than I "have to" no matter where I'm going. I get there early and I'm NEVER late.

I get up early, like REALLY early . . . 4:30 AM. I not only have time to workout or meditate or read, I'm also getting to work early and getting all of my tasks done. I'm SUPER productive.

I realized that the problems in my life had two solutions. Either they were fixable and within my control, or they were outside of my control and not worth stressing over. The second kind of problem, I can still control my reactions to it and how much it affects my life.

Intermittent fasting. I don't eat Mondays or Thursdays. Lost a whole bunch of weight and really appreciate the food I eat the rest of the time.

Giving up the idea that working 40-60 hour weeks would make me more money and a better Mother to provide. Once I gave that up to live a simple life I couldn't be more happy. I'm a stay at home Mom and a self employed crafty Woman. Time with my family is priceless! Money can't buy you memories.

Journaling. It's a very unique opportunity to pose questions to yourself that no one else has. I've had breakthroughs in my journal, and thoughts that've changed my behavior dramatically.

I used to be very interested in politics. Now, I really don't care about it. First of all, because nothing major is going on - ever.

I got rid of my TV. If I want to watch a particular show, I'll stream it. I work from home so I usually have a show in the background for ambience (Dirty Jobs, etc.) if I'm not in the mood for music.

Image provided by Moyan_Brenn_BE_BACK_IN_SEPTEMBER from Flickr.