How Not To Run Your Business.

Borders is filing for bankruptcy protection and closing 1/3 of their stores. This post is near and dear to me because I used to work for the Reader's Market/Waldenbooks/Borders chain many, many years ago.

The funny thing is, I saw this coming many years ago and knew that Borders would stick their head in the sand.

Inc. Magazine has a great piece on why Borders is tone-deaf.

Summarized, it comes down to six reasons:

  1. No future strategy.
  2. No real use of customer data.
  3. Antiquated operations and supply chain.
  4. Carrying the wrong products.
  5. In-store experience is bad.
  6. Management churn.

Just one can kill a business. Borders had all six. Well . . . that's the marketplace!

Did you see this coming? What is happening in your business?