Hate Your Job? NOW Is The Time To Start Looking.

Most people make the mistake of riding out November and December to begin looking for a new job in January. Why should you start now?

1. Everyone will be looking for a job in January. The job-search population explodes and you'll be competing with 2x/3x more candidates.

2. You need time to prepare. You need to lock down your search strategy/direction, targets, resume, LinkedIn profile, interview skills, and negotiation strategy before you jump out into the marketplace. Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and HR Personnel will eat you for lunch if you're weak in any of these areas.

3. People are still hiring now (contrary to popular belief). In fact, two of my clients got jobs this week. With the exception of the week between Christmas and New Year's, companies are still trying to run out the clock and spend their budget dollars on building their team. Especially successful, growing companies.

Finally, they will try to 'wing it' on their own and usually fail, step back, and soldier on at their current job (that they hate). When people hire a true career coach to help them, their coach delivers a solid process/strategy to break through the noise, helps them make time for finding the right new position while keeping their current role, and keep them sane during this frustrating process.