CEO's Must Trash Short-Term Thinking & Embrace Long-Term Strategy. Now.

money clipI'm tired. And angry. And I'm not alone. For too long, the stewards of our most cherished institutions have been acting less than ethical. I call it "short term thinking for short term gain" — get in, make a quick buck, and move on to the next sucker. Not the best behavior for supposedly the best executives in this nation.

Now don't get me wrong — not all CEO's are like this. Unfortunately, many are. On the flip side, some are forced into this situation by unscrupulous board members and irrational investors. But as I frequently say to my clients: "This isn't Russia, if you ethically disagree with what your company is doing, move on."

Over the next few months, I will be focusing in on why CEO's do this and what they can do to re-focus and reset their behaviors to produce solid companies that deliver great products for a reasonable price and treat their employees and investors with respect. I'll be interviewing those CEO's that are thinking long-term and really care about their company, the shareholders, their employees and not their pockets.

To begin and see where my thinking is grounded, catch my earlier post: "Do You Trust This Man?"

The era of short term thinking is over. The era of ego is over. It's time to focus on doing the right thing.