10 Ways To Stop Worrying About Your Job.

It's still tough out there. You probably know at least one person who is unemployed (maybe more). And life in a company is a very lonely place when everyone is out for themselves (and worrying about their jobs).

So what do you do? Here are some tips to help you get past worrying and start moving forward:

  1. Stay in the Present. Worrying projects your thinking in the future and you really can't do much about that. Focus on what is happening to you right NOW.
  2. 80/20 Your Projects. Figure out all things you do at your job — dump the ones that are low-priority and won't give you any visibility. Focus on the ones that your boss really appreciates and will give you broad exposure.
  3. Be Your Boss' Best Friend. I'm not saying you should suck up (although that doesn't hurt), but be positive, be a good friend, listen, give good feedback, ask great questions. Be valuable to them.
  4. Keep Your Peripherals Moving. See who is doing what, where, when, why and how. Who has the mojo in the company. Who doesn't. I kept a file (at home) of what projects, people, and departments were doing.
  5. Connect. I can't say this enough (and I do frequently on this blog) — get out frequently and meet other colleagues to discuss business and marketplace issues. A broader vision outside of work is refreshing, motivational, and inspiring.
  6. Don't Partake In Gossip. The office soap opera is a time-waster. Of course keep your ears open for factual happenings, but don't give into what-if's, innuendo, and flights of fancy.
  7. Stay Away From The Media. Stop reading newspapers, watching TV news, and surfing news sites. Let's be honest — the only reason why they are still in business is because they sensationalize and titillate to get your attention and spread fear, doubt and uncertainty.
  8. Keep Your Options Open. Always have a "Plan B" waiting in the wings — it might be a number of key contacts, a position that is waiting for you, a company that is just starting out. If you don't have that, go back to #5.
  9. Focus On The Positive. Be enthusiastic, motivational, and a force for change at your company. Come up with new ideas, new processes, new efficiencies and present them to anyone who will hear.
  10. Worrying Never Helped Anyone. Spend your time building your strengths, developing solid connections in and out of your company, and plan for the future of your career.

Don't waste time worrying — you have a LOT to do . . . So start TODAY!

P.S. If you would like to read a great book on this topic this is the one! It's the bible and it's helped me many times.