10 Ways To Have Fun At Work.

Okay — We're in the middle of August and work is the last thing you feel interested in doing right now.  You can either have fun or turn it into a clock-watching, tedious, and painful nightmare. Your choice.

How can you have fun at work?

  1. Keep a 'glass half-full' attitude at all times. The more you look at situations and problems with a positive attitude, the more fun you will have. Honest.
  2. Try to do something different every day. Mix it up. Variety is the spice of life.
  3. Add 'pizazz' to everything you deliver. Go the extra mile and ensure that every deliverable will wow your boss, your peers and your clients.
  4. Sing! Dance! A little spring in your step or a quick little ditty will never hurt anyone - it will immediately change your mood.
  5. Be light & funny. Don't tell jokes — but a little humor or light comment always brings in a little sunshine to the office.
  6. Get outside. Instead of a meeting in a windowless meeting room - go outside for a 15-30 minute stroll with your team.
  7. Stand up at meetings. When you have a status meeting, make it for no more than 15 minutes, have everyone stand around a white board, and adjourn early. People will love you. Have meetings in the gym (if you have one) — move everyone around.
  8. Compliment people. Take the time to notice something on everyone you meet and mention it - be honest.
  9. Stay connected. Keep your contact list robust and healthy by calling 1-2 people every morning for 5-10 minutes. Catch up, keep it light.
  10. Think . . . There are always options. It's not the end of the world and most of the time, people aren't going to die. So don't take everything so serious and hard. Think outside of the box — brainstorm options — you will surprise yourself.


P.S. Changing your perspective at work isn’t hard — it just takes a little imagination coupled with action. You and I can work on it together so you instantly get what I’m talking about - Let’s talk. I’ve worked with thousands of people who wanted to take assertive steps in this area — call or email me to schedule a complimentary session.