You Need A Career ‘Bug-Out Bag’

When reporters are sent instantly abroad for a story, they have a ‘go-bag’ packed and ready to go. If you live near a high-risk area for disaster, many people have a ‘bug-out’ bag by the door, in-case they have to leave their home within minutes.

I want you to build your own Career Bug-Out Bag for your next departure and smooth landing. Odds are, you’re not going to spend your life at your company, so we need to put in place certain behaviors and items in your Bag.

I engage all of my clients to be in a position of confidence and assertiveness when it comes to their job. If you have a boss that suddenly turns awful, or the company’s fortunes sour, or the marketplace turns, I want you to grab your Bag and run to the next position ASAP.

If you really want to understand what I mean — watch this film clip. Caution - there’s lots of swearing, but it gets my point across quickly. 

What you should ‘pack’ in your Career Bug-Out Bag:

Resume — keep it up-to-date with your current role and frequently modify based on your activities and successes over the past few years.

LinkedIn Profile — duplicate your resume modifications on your profile, regularly add connections, once a week post an article to keep it fresh, and get recommendations/testimonials with people in your business circle. In addition, replace your headshot regularly (every 2 years).

Connections — have phone calls, coffee, lunch with key connections on a regular basis. Do not let your contact base atrophy — even a simple 10-minute phone call in the morning can do wonders for your career. Maintain your contact list at work and home.

Networking/Events — schedule monthly networking or events on your calendar. You need to consistently pop the company bubble, get out, and meet new people.

Marketing Yourself — continue to write articles and speak at conferences to hone your message, develop your industry authority, and stay fresh.

Always Looking & Asking — Don’t cocoon at your new role. Keep your eyes wide open for new opportunities within and outside your new company. I ask my clients to move from role to role every 3 years to stay fresh and significantly increase their worth on the market.