Open Your Kimono.

A number of years ago, I joined a powerful mastermind group comprised of seasoned professional women. As the only guy, I was a bit intimidated, but thankfully, everyone in the group were welcoming and excited to have me on-board. During our first session, I used the term, "Open Kimono" which in corporate-speak means, "To share information with an outside party." Unfortunately, or fortunately, my group couldn't stop laughing from the vision I was presenting — opening MY kimono or flashing them. It not only broke the ice in our mutual relationship, it deepened our respect for one another.

Today, I want to share a powerful quote I relate to almost all of my clients:

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." - Emerson

Too often, we ensconce ourselves with the guilt from our past and worry for the future. We forget the gifts we have within us to solve our current problems. We feel inadequate because of past mistakes and make up scary stories about the future.

Time to OPEN YOUR KIMONO and let everyone see what you really have to offer:

  • Energy - how can you add just a little bit more pizazz to what you're doing?
  • Ideas - you have a different way of doing something - let others know.
  • Enthusiasm - kick it up a notch - you will infect everyone!
  • Focus - most people today have no focus, show them what you can do.
  • Hard Work - stay a little bit later or come in early.
  • Experience - you have the knowledge - let it out!

EVERYONE has each of these things within them. You have to let them out and show the world you can change the world.