09 • 09 • 09

beatlesThe Beatles are the defining group of my generation and I might daresay — many generations. Today marks a date where they will release all of their music in a remastered state AND expand their presence into younger generations via a RockBand video game offering (there are also hints of their catalogue appearing on iTunes - so stay tuned!). If you don't know it already - when it comes to marketing - The Beatles are the BEST.

I remember the first time I heard them - I was five years old in my brother's room. On the turntable was Meet The Beatles and "It Won't Be Long" was blasting out of one single speaker on the floor (that's 60's high fidelity for you - Heathkit by the way!).

I instantly fell in love. My older brothers allowed me to stay in their room and listen to the whole album before I was again banished back to my room forever.

The funny thing is that as time goes on, other bands that I LOVED just fade away - U2, REM, Jethro Tull, The Partridge Family, etc. Their music still has meaning to me — unfortunately I just don't listen to their albums anymore.

But I still have the entire Beatles catalogue on my iPhone. There is something compelling, enjoyable, and fun about their music. I listen to it ALL the time.

Go figure.

So I will be asking for the entire remastered Beatles catalog for Christmas. And Santa, I've been a good boy.

P.S. What's your favorite Beatles' song and album?