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Vince siefert, president, Siefert Associates

“Rich helped us get through a potentially difficult transition period at our firm during employee turnover. Drawing upon his valuable experience, he acted as a trusted adviser to keep me focused on moving forward in the most positive and manner possible. His optimism was truly contagious!”

BJ Flagg.jpg

BJ Flagg, president, nurenu brand marketing

“Rich asked the hard questions. He is the first coach I have met that assumed I knew how to be focused and organized. Rich got down to the roadblocks and the difficult issues – what a “no nonsense” executive coach. The best part is: weeks after one of our sessions, something he said will come back to me and I know I’m ready to act on it with the tools he gave me.”

Matt Baier.jpg

Matt Baier, OWNER, Matt Baier ORGANIZING

“Rich - You were exactly right! They were looking for a quick well thought out solution and my prepared proposal was able to deliver just that. Every time I thought I was in over my head, I reminded myself that I HAVE VALUE, I’ve done this before, I AM the answer to their prayers. I made a practice of offering positive statements and complimenting them on the work they had done so far. I didn’t have to force this, I simply had to listen, be aware, and BE the kind of person I would love to do business with. The only question they had on the proposal is would you like a check right now? The total amount agreed to is almost triple the top amount I have ever charged! While I now know I possessed the ingredients to make this happen all along, I could have accomplished NONE of this without YOUR help. I am on a such a high right now and I while I realize that I may go back out into the ring tommorrow and take a few more punches, I feel damn lucky that you are in my corner.”

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tyler shamaly, owner, ascension performance

I have been working with Rich for the past two years and he has already brought a lot to the table.

During our weekly coaching sessions, a lot of great business ideas between the two of us were generated, which has so far accelerated my business and made my brand more approachable to clients.

I'd recommend Rich to anyone looking to get serious with their business!

Dawn Reshen Doty.jpg

dawn reshen-doty, ceo, benay enterprises

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t draw on some of the expertise that ‘Super-Coach’ Rich Gee has shared with me over the past two years. My natural inclination is to start the day with whatever is in front of me and let chaos reign. But there’s this little Rich Gee voice inside my head saying, “get organized, don’t open up your email until 10 AM!” Damn him! If you are serious and willing to make successful changes in how you operate your business, then have one conversation with Rich Gee. It will change your life. The real question is . . . are you ready for it?”

Claire Fitzpatrick.jpg

Claire Fitzpatrick, Owner, Fitzpatrick chiropractic

“I finally hired Rich Gee as my coach in 2016. I met Rich in 2006. If I had hired him back when I met him, I would have saved myself 10 years of revenue loss, frustration, and self-doubt. What a waste of a decade. Rich has been strategic, supportive, and given me a much-needed kick in the rear when I was talking myself out of smart choices and opportunities. I now have more faith in my own abilities, I am more organized in my execution, and my business vision is clear. My business is 10x-ing its reach. If you don't hire him right now, you're losing money and time. Time you can't get back. Give him a call right now. Seriously.”

Erin Ardleigh Headshot.jpg

Erin Ardleigh, Owner, DYNAMA INSURANCE

Rich has helped me achieve double digit growth year to year in my business. He provides an expert combination of inspiration, accountability, tough love and enthusiastic support. I highly recommend him to business owners that want to be pushed beyond their comfort zones to challenge themselves to become wildly successful.

Wilder Gleason Headshot.jpg


Rich has coached me to build a more successful, responsive and productive law practice. He continues to help me build, plan and execute strategies to benefit my work. I should have hired him years ago.

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Scott Benoit, Sales manager, american steel & aluminum

Rich has coached me to build a more successful, responsive and productive law practice. He continues to help me build, plan and execute strategies to benefit my work. I should have hired him years ago.

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