Test-Drive My Coaching.
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Let’s hear about your business and career, examine what’s currently not working, help you craft your 90-day goals and map out the path to help you reach them, quicker than you ever could on your own.

Why do i give away a free session?

Most people have never experienced the power of high-performance coaching. I can tell you about it - you can read up on it - but nothing really delivers the power of coaching than a REAL coaching session. I’ve been doing it for 12 years and clients love it.

Put on your seatbelt.

We’re not playing around here. You aren’t going to get a warm-blankee, therapy session. You’re going to get coaching from a HIGH-PERFORMANCE COACH. So you need to be prepared and present. That’s all I ask.


  • A full coaching session — a truly personal conversation to help you see what’s in the way of reaching your goals.

  • An experience of what makes the Rich unique, why coaching works, and how it will improve your specific situation.

  • A supportive and strategic plan you can leverage instantly.

  • This session is at no charge, with no pressure to work with us further.