Why You Should Use A High-Performance Coach.

I've been coaching for over 11 years professionally. One question I'm asked at parties and events is: "Why do I need a high-performance coach?"

Early in my career, I immediately got defensive and tried to convince them that I can impact their life. Over the past number of years, I respond with:

"I keep you focused."

Too often, even when we're doing really well in our business or career, we tend to focus not on what's best for us, but on the company, other people, etc. Not that this is a bad thing, but we do need to frequently re-orient ourselves and focus on OUR success, career, and happiness.

When we move up the ladder or our company grows, we usually put our needs on the back burner. As your coach, I help you sharpen your focus and better understand the what areas you need to concentrate on, what actions to take, and how to put yourself first. We might decide that it's time for you to move to another company or to change your product line.

"You become action-oriented."

We naturally gravitate to areas of comfort — sometimes that's a good thing — but when it comes to business, it can become deadly. We tend to stay in areas where we feel knowledgable, we become risk-averse, and we play it safe.

My job as your coach is to push you out of your comfort zone. I keep you moving forward — looking ahead — and to consistently make decisions and take action to move you, your business, and your career forward . . . fast. Action becomes your middle name. We might reposition your attack on areas that will deliver faster return to your career.

"You keep a 360º perspective."

When we get a few successes under our belt, we relax and professionally let the canoe float us downstream. We stop looking around, we stop analyzing where our industry is going and where we are going. I've made this mistake a few times when I worked in corporate. We get complacent.

I'm there to regularly task you to look around and investigate your environment. How is the market doing? Are your customer's tastes changing? Is your company leading the pack or falling behind? Does your boss still highly value your contribution? Too often, we tend to take our eye off these critical measures. Guess what happens? Suddenly, the company implodes (just ask Motorola, Blackberry, or Nokia).  We might have to make quick decisions if we find that your position is suddenly untenable — who would you talk to? Your boss? You need to talk to me.

If you've never worked with a high-performance coach, you should try it.

Ever ride in a really fast car and feel the acceleration? It's exhilarating — so is coaching. Check it out.

P.S. You also make a lot more money and we make work more fun.