Do One Thing Different Today.

I love my Monday posts. I try to come up with some type of energizing idea to jolt my readers out of their chairs (or beds). I look at Mondays (especially the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday) as a time to refresh, reinvigorate, and renew. Okay, you might have a bit of a hangover, or you ate too many jalapeño hot pockets, but you and I know Mondays are critical to kick off a great week.

I want you to do one thing differently today. Anything you want. Some examples:

  • See if you can streamline one of your to-do's. Maybe you can delegate it to someone else. Possibly retire it forever.
  • Take a different way to work. Or maybe a more scenic route home.
  • Have lunch outside of your place of business. Meet someone you haven't spoken to in months (or years).
  • Compliment someone on your team for a job well done so far (it is February!).
  • Sing in the shower - belt out those tunes! Or sing during your commute - who cares if someone sees you!
  • Bring flowers home to your spouse or partner. They deserve it.
  • Treat yourself, go buy a Kindle or iPad and start reading at lunch.

“Variety's the very spice of life. That gives it all its flavor.” - William Cowper

What are YOU going to do different today?

Image provided by Hellolapomme at Flickr.